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Our Story

Brooklyn Fare is the dream and vision of Moe Issa. Raised in Brooklyn, Moe witnessed the neighborhood blossom into a burgeoning residential community. While the number of residents increased quickly, the availability of quality food hasn’t kept pace. Moe recognized the need for a reliable grocery store and has set out to develop Brooklyn Fare from that intention.

Our goal at Brooklyn Fare is to merge the gourmet with the familiar — providing fresh, delicious groceries and prepared foods at approachable prices, with the perks and services of an old-school neighborhood grocer. Initially based in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Fare has expanded to service midtown Manhattan and the West Village with personable counter-service and delivery. Our new website is designed to supplement our 3 markets with a unique online shopping experience.

We prioritize family.
We prioritize community.
We prioritize friends.

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